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Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán

The Ex-convent of Santo Domingo, or better known as the Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is one of the beauties known as "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" and can dazzle us with its baroque design in the heart of Oaxaca dating back to the middle of the century XVI.

It has been the cradle of various purposes, not necessarily religious, and we owe its restoration mainly to Master Francisco Toledo, who one day you can find walking the streets of this city.

Be sure to visit this beautiful monument, which is located just a few steps from our Los Amantes Boutique Hotel.

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Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca

Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca, is an icon of architectural beauty enhanced by an extensive collection of art from Master Guillermo Olguín who has integrated a group of extraordinary artists to curate each of the rooms and offer a space of comfort that encourages rest and celebration of life, accompanied by world-class personalized service.