Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca

Yagul Archaeological Zone

In an incredible tour you will accompany us to the ancient city of Yagul, which was inhabited after the settlers abandoned the city of Monte Alban...

With the help and personalized attention of our specialized bilingual guides (registered with SECTUR), we will explore one of the oldest and most representative sites in Mesoamerica at a national level, guaranteeing that each group will be small for better attention, where none will exceed 20 people per guide. .

We will also explore the impressive convent of Cuilapam, we will meet the alebrije makers of Arrazola to discover how black ceramics, an icon of art in San Bartolo Coyotepec, are made.

About us

Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca

Hotel Los Amantes Oaxaca, is an icon of architectural beauty enhanced by an extensive collection of art from Master Guillermo Olguín who has integrated a group of extraordinary artists to curate each of the rooms and offer a space of comfort that encourages rest and celebration of life, accompanied by world-class personalized service.